Reno’s Accident

So Reno, the orphan foal, had a little accident while I was away at the ride. No one is sure exactly what happened, but Linda went out and found him in the little paddock with blood everywhere. He had cuts all over his legs, and he was bleeding pretty badly from his head. Best guess is that he got tangled in a gate. But there’s really no evidence of anything in particular.

The vet came out and cleaned him up. He figures most of the wounds are superficial thank goodness. But his face is still kind of swollen and he’s a bit sad and wanting lots of cuddling today. He is such a good boy to work on. I had to clean off his legs and put dermagel on all the cuts. Linda held him, without a halter, head resting on her shoulder, while I did all that. He never moved away at all. Just flinched a bit with one leg when I touched it. But immediately put it back down and let me finish. He’s very trusting and confident with people.

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    1. The fences are all chain link, so it would be hard for him to hurt himself if he`d been cast against them. That`s why we think it was likely one of the gates. He lost a lot of blood, leaving a big pool of it in one spot. But not near anything that could have done the damage. So it`s a bit of a puzzle. He`s doing very well anyway. Starting to heal already.

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