Getting Ready

I’ve been packing all day for the ride. There is now a nice mattress in over the gooseneck.  Almost all my stuff is loaded or ready to load. I hope that eventually I’ll have a lot of the stuff that I normally pack permanently stored in the trailer. Little stuff… flashlights, lip balm, sunglasses, pen and paper, logbooks, red tail ribbons, batteries, safety pins, scissors, etc.  And also bigger stuff… a campstove, folding chairs, fencing kit, etc.

Last night I glued King’s front boots on. That was a bit of a trial. It was my first time doing that. There’s not a lot of time before the glue gets tacky, so you have to be fast and accurate. I was neither. And I got frustrated. So King got anxious and started pawing. Which, because I was frustrated, made me yell at him. Strangely, that did not make him calm 🙁 Sometimes I’m not a genius. Sigh.  Oh well, I did get them on after a bit of struggle. They are aligned correctly, and fully seated. I just hope I used enough glue and that I got the heel bulb sealed properly. Next time I will start by applying the glue on the BACK of the foot, not the front. Once you have glue on the front wall, you can’t hold on to the foot anymore, so that was bad planning. The boots are still on (or they were when I last looked a couple of hours ago anyway), and he’s been running around in pretty muddy footing since this morning. I hope that doesn’t compromise the glue. Julie, the local EasyCare dealer, has promised me that it will get easier to glue the boots on as I get more practice. I sure hope so.

Misha and Brooke will be here in the morning to scrub and polish the horses while I’m at work. I’m sure the horses will be very shiny by the time I get home. We should be on the road just after lunch.

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