Loading Onto the Big Trailer

We just loaded all three horses onto the new trailer. It’s actually not new of course. It’s an older steel four horse head-to-head with a small tack room in front (my luxury accommodations!).

Dressy went first. And like the professional she is, she loaded up with no issues. It was a bit slow to get her backed into the stall. She’s a long tall girl and she wasn’t sure she could fit in that space. But I inched her in and she was quite cooperative, if careful. Unloaded, then reloaded and she was perfect.

Left her on and went for King. That was a bit trickier. King has traveled in his little white trailer for years. He doesn’t like other trailers though. So we yo-yo’d in and out for a while. And then had to let him figure out how to back into the stall too. He was less cooperative than Dressy about that. But he never panicked. Then he got about a zillion cookies as a jackpot reward. He was very happy. And foaming at the mouth with cookie slobber.

Misha went to get Diego, and that also went pretty well. Diego doesn’t have a good trailer loading history. But she’s been working with him a lot over the last year, loading him in this trailer (it’s been in my driveway with no truck to pull it for over a year). But she’s been putting him in the box stall at the back, and we’ve now converted that to two standing stalls so that we could have an area for all the ride gear and still take all three horses. He was a bit uncertain about having to load with the other two horses in there, and then having to back in. But with some cajoling, we managed to get him in and gave him a zillion cookies too.

They looked quite calm and settled by the time they were all loaded up, and the stalls seem to be big enough, even for Dressy. She does tower over the two Arabs though. Another trailer loading session tomorrow, and then a trip to the Vivian Forest to ride on Friday with Brooke and Misha.

Checked all the lights on the trailer too, and wonder of wonders… they ALL worked. It hasn’t been hooked up for over a year, so that’s kind of remarkable.

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