King’s Progress

King has finally gotten some miles on him in the last week. Which is a big relief. I’ve been riding all winter, but it’s been mostly slow, steady slogging through snow. He really needs to do a bit of sustained trot/canter work to be fit enough for the fifty we are supposed to do on May 1. We are going to have to go slow (not that we would have gone fast… speed is not our forte!). But I must say, he’s looking good. Down to a more reasonable weight and looking fitter.

The vet came today for shots and Coggins tests. So he had a spa day. I brushed him for a long time, getting all the loose hair off. Trimmed his feathers back somewhat (I don’t clip them, because he invariably gets scratches if I do that). Cleaned his sheath (ugh… I guess I’d been avoiding that chore WAY too long… the bean was huge). Washed his tail with whitening shampoo, then combed Cowboy Magic through it.  He was glistening white and sparkly at the end. And quite content with his world.

I have a very expensive Christ saddle pad on order. Should be in within a day or two. The felt pad I’ve been using is just too thin, and it’s sliding around because there are no tabs to attach it to the d-rings. The Christ pad is sheepskin underneath. So he’ll have a sheepskin girth cover and saddle pad. I really hope that will eliminate all the various rubbing possibilities.

He’s an awfully thin skinned horse. Yesterday I tried riding him in the Easyboot Gloves with the old gaiters (the new, “improved” gaiters are on order) and it rubbed the hair off right around the front of both pasterns. Apparently he can’t even go 12 miles in those. How the heck those gaiters ever made it through EasyCare’s R&D process is beyond me.  King can’t be the only thin-skinned endurance horse out there. I sure hope the new gaiters live up to their billing.

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