The weather is absolutely foul here today. It’s snowing heavily, and the wind is fierce. It’s not all that cold, and this is all supposed to turn to pouring rain this evening and then rain steadily for a couple of days. King and Zamaluck are both in stalls, and Dressy and Diego are keeping to the run in area at the end of the barn. 

It would be nice if it would melt all the snow. But if history is any guide, it’ll just get all the snow soggy, and then freeze to sheet ice. Then there will be no riding for another week or two. I am waiting very impatiently for spring to arrive, so I can get on with conditioning King and I for the ride season. He’s really ready to go out and put some miles on after all the snow wading we’ve been doing this winter.

Meanwhile, at work, we are awaiting the arrival of three new foals this year. The three broodmares are Exclusive, Bernice, and Freckles. They are all looking quite large. But Freckles is just enormous. The poor mare has got to be very uncomfortable. I told her owner that perhaps breeding her to a stallion with “Megas” in his name was not such a good idea. The last baby she had was by a perfectly normal sized stallion and the baby ended up being called “Monster” because he was so big when he was born.

Bernice is pregnant with her second foal (and wasn’t in foal last year), so she’s been off the track for a few years now.  You’d think she’d have gotten fat and lazy. But every morning I take her out to the paddock,  with her snorting and blowing beside me. Then she cavorts around the paddock, doing pirouettes  and other unnameable things in perfect, impossible balance, defying the laws of physics. Looks like her feet aren’t even touching the ground.  I guess I should take some video of her.

I’ve started taking my camera with me to work every day. Soon there will be baby pictures!

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